On the border with the city of Pula is Medulin, a beautiful country composed of an old part away from the sea positioned on the hill where is the Church of Our Lady of Health and a coastal part that also includes the islands of the bay that rise in front of the peninsula between Capo Merlara and Prematura. Once a fishing village, over time it has become a tourist center that allows you to practice a variety of water sports. The majority of Medulin’s beaches are gravel mixed with sand with a shallow seabed except the Prematura area, the two main ones being the beach of Bjeca, the most famous of Medulin and the beaches of the Kameniak park which is located to the south. and extends for about 30 km where you can dive and sunbathe in absolute tranquility. To visit only the Levan, the archaeological complex of Vizula as well as Mount Vrčevan and the hill of St. Peter.

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